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For wedding and celebration cakes, prices will vary based on the complexity of the design. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss options, however below is some guide prices for a simple iced cake design. 


Two tall tiers (serving approx. 48) from £255

Three tall tiers (serving approx. 80) from £350

Three tall tiers (serving approx. 120) from £450

Four tier (serving approx. 135) from £500


Celebration Cakes

6” tall (serving 14-16) from £65

8” tall (serving 24-28) from £95

10” tall (serving 36-40) from £125

Two tall tiers (serving 36-42) from £150

Two tall tiers (serving 60-64) from £210


Gift box of 6 decorated cupcakes £15

Gift box of 12 decorated cupcakes £30



Gift box of 12 decorated shortbread biscuits £15

Gift box of 16 iced gingerbread cookies £15

Cake Sampling
5 sample slices of cake £15


Postage cost for Biscuits and Cake sampling boxes £3.50

For more details on our pricing, payments and deposits, see our FAQs page.

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